Husky Safety Features

How the Aviat Husky Aircraft is leading the pack in backcountry safety

Did you know that the Aviat Husky is one of the safest planes in the industry even though to contrary some may question if bush planes are safe? In order to demystify some of the safety myths we’d like to share a few of the many reasons why the Husky soars the top in backcountry safety.

The Husky aircraft is designed like a high-performance race car. In the event of a crash, this aircraft is strategically designed and engineered to take the crash energy away from the occupant cage, thus protecting you, the pilot, and your passenger.


You see the fuselage’s primary load structure is extremely large and very capable. Each Husky airframe is handcrafted with 4130 Chrome Molybdenum using a superior arc welding process called TIG welding. It bonds the metal surfaces together providing the best penetration and greatest strength. Yes, this process is more time consuming and more difficult to master when it comes to craftsmanship, but it eliminates contaminates in the weld and gives the craftsman more control over the welding process.
The net result is Husky’s entire airframe is based on stronger, higher quality welds. This includes the 4130 Chrome Molybdenum steel tube fuselage, the landing gear, the tail, and the struts.

All our steel weldments are corrosion-proof and entirely sealed so no contamination or oxidation can enter them. Again, safety counts most for us and should be every pilot’s number one priority – especially when stressing the aircraft while flying in the backcountry.
Also, it’s important to highlight the diameter of the Husky’s fuselage, which is larger than other planes’ in its class. Smaller diameter airframes tend to bend and fail more easily. Larger diameter frames are stronger and more efficient for rugged environments.
Additionally, the seat structure itself is made of 4130 Chrome Molybdenum and is a whopping 6g higher than standard safety margins.

Each Husky is made with special 16g seat cushions – one seat for the pilot and one for the passenger. These special safety seats are built to absorb enormous forces in the event a crash.

Both pilot and passenger seats include a 5-point seatbelt harnesses with an option for seatbelt airbags.

Fun fact: Husky was the first general aviation airplane to have seatbelt airbags FAA certified. Safety is our top priority at Aviat. We continue to innovate and lead the aviation industry when it comes to safety.

As you can see, there are many reasons why the Aviat Husky is such a popular aircraft for backcountry enthusiasts – not only does this plane soar ahead of the pack when it comes to performance but most importantly safety.

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